Clean Bean Refill Pack

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This Clean Bean Refill Pack efficiently eliminates any coffee residue or build-up in a coffee machine's brewing chamber. Enjoy flavourful, superior-tasting cups of coffee as this patent-pending cleaning system is 7x more effective than regular hot water. This pack contains eight tablets for maximum efficiency.

Key Features

  • Use this as a cleaning solution to remove coffee residues or oils in the brewing chamber and delivery spout.
  • Stop cross-contamination of flavours and indulge in pure taste by utilising the cleaning system in-between different beverages.
  • Effortless and swift, this system cleans in just about two minutes! It rapidly dissolves, so users don't have to wait long to brew a fresher cup.
  • Clean Bean tablets are eco-friendly as they don't leave harmful chemicals in the process. It is phosphates and GMO-free, making it safe to use for all machine parts.
  • The cleaning solution also decreases the risk of machine blockages or break-downs.
  • Clean Bean Refill Pack is compatible with Caffitaly, Nespresso, K-Fee, Lavazza A Modo, Mio, and Expressi Systems.